What We Do


NCIC assists awarding agencies, contractors and workers by providing education on state and federal contracting standards—including prevailing wage, apprenticeship, project labor agreements, health and safety standards, and responsible bidder policies. We believe that education is key to preventing good-faith mistakes or low road contracting abuses that needlessly endanger workers, increase project costs, or reward illegal business practices.


NCIC supports research and provides analysis on major subjects and policy proposals affecting the construction industry and the construction workforce in California.

Bid and Jobsite Monitoring

NCIC’s goal is to ensure fair competition for contractors bidding on publicly funded construction projects. We monitor bidding processes to ensure taxpayers get the best value for their public works investments. Once bids are awarded, our Compliance Agents actively monitor public projects throughout the 46 Northern California counties to serve as a watchdog over to ensure compliance with applicable wage, safety, licensing, and environmental standards. If violations are found to have occurred, NCIC files formal complaints with the applicable governing or law enforcement agencies.