What We Do

What We Do

NorCal Construction Industry Compliance (NCIC) is a 501(c)(5) nonprofit organization established for the purpose of promoting labor-management cooperation, furthering employment opportunities in the construction industry, and any all purposes permitted by the provisions of §(c)(9) of the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947, as amended, 29 U.S.C. §186(c)(9) and §5 of the Labor Management Cooperation Act of 1978.  

Since 2021, our team of dedicated staff have been working diligently each day to help ensure a fair, safe and compliant construction industry in Northern California. Through our efforts, we strive to assist in “leveling the playing field” for law-abiding contractors.

Our Proactive Efforts:


NCIC assists awarding agencies, contractors and workers by providing education on state and federal prevailing wage requirements. We believe that education is key to preventing good-faith mistakes, which could become costly to noncompliant contactors in the long run.

Bid Monitoring

NCIC monitors local construction projects to help ensure that fair and open competitive bidding practices are utilized and that taxpayers get the best value for their tax dollars.

Our Active Efforts:

Jobsite Monitoring

NCIC Compliance Agents actively monitor public projects throughout the 46 Northern California counties to determine potential noncompliance with requirements including safety, prevailing wage, and environmental laws.


NCIC’s Policy and Research Analyst supports research and provides analysis on major subjects affecting the construction industry in California.

Our Reactive Efforts:

Formal Complaints

Whenever noncompliance is determined, NCIC files formal complaints with the applicable governing law enforcement agencies including, but not limited to, Department of Industrial Relations, Contractor’s State License Board, and the Employment Development Department.

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